Now problems reading 27C512 eproms
18 Sep, 2010 00:24
 Hi all, I have Willem PCB3B (modded by myself only to erase/write the W27E512 chips) that actually don't read very well the 27C512 chips at all. On each reading I get different results, but the more strange thing is that without putting the 27C512 into the 32 pin socket, the Willem read not all '00' as it should be, but read randomly. I desoldered the original 32 pin Ziff socket because of dirty and soldered a new 32 pin 'tourned' socket, but without success. I will attach a file in .JPG format to show well to you what I want to say. I need some help to identify if there is a IC that can be blow or something else that affect the normal 27C512 readings. Thanks in advance for all your replies and sorry for my bad English, kind regards, Stefano. .